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With over 19 years of podcasting experience, we help you create the perfect show and we are there for every step along the way, beginning to end.

Elevate your podcast to new heights with a podcast audit! Let us help you build your audience and transform your podcast into a professional, compelling, and successful show!

Whether you need assistance finding the right guests for your show or would like to be a guest on other podcasts, our network of podcasts and guest provide just what you need.


At the very least, you should be advertising in podcasts. It is the best investment in marketing going. Contact us to find the right audience for your message.


1. Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is extremely important. Even if you’re the best at what you do, potential customers must be made aware of you and your brand in order to choose your products or services. If they have never heard of you, or worse, cannot remember you, they will never become a customer.

Creating greater brand awareness is a lifelong committment. That means you must continually be striving to be “out there.” Podcasting can boost your efforts toward this goal more affordably than just anything else.

When you create a podcast and add it to popular streaming platforms, such as Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play or Apple iTunes, your brand is seen by hundreds of thousands of new potential listeners – and that means new customers. Sure, it as not as simple as that, but you really cannot reach this large an audience so inexpensively.

2. Increased Client Retention and Loyalty

Everyone knows it costs much more to engage a new customer than retain an existing one. Your existing clients will disengage with your brand unless that relationship is nurtured. To do so, you must continue to engage and interact with them to build loyalty.

While new customers are important for long-term growth, your existing customers should fuel that growth by taking advantage of new offerings and providing referrals. As a podcast host, you create a way to remain in touch with your customers and encourage them to become your brand champions.

3. Build Credibility and Brand Authority

Authority is much more than audio quality, but a solid show with good production will make you stand out from the millions of weaker efforts. Quality is a symbol of professionalism and will help you retain listeners and build credibility.

As host, you display you knowledge of your subject/industry. This builds trust with the listener — especially when your topics are relevant and beneficial to them. Your goal is to become the go-to expert when they’re ready to engage at a deeper level (ie. become a customer.) Podcasting can help you become that expert in their eyes (and ears.)

Boosting your brand authority helps your brand stand apart from your competitors. This recognition as a leader is invaluable in showing the value of your products/services.

4. Contribute to a Content Strategy

Podcasts can become the foundational of your content strategy. They can and should become fuel for your blog as well as social media. From a simple call-to-action in your show to a comprehensive blitz across multiple platforms, each of those ‘touches’ moves the customer further along in your sales funnel.

Here are some sample ways to leverage your podcast:

  • Create a video version of your podcast (post to YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitch etc.)
  • Use blog posts to dig deeper into a subject and connecting this extra content to the show
  • Do the exact opposite and use the blog as the leader and the podcast to dig deeper
  • Post podcast segments to your social media with links to hear the full show
  • Encourage guests on your show to share the episode across their social media platforms
  • Cross promote your show by appearing on other shows

This can be done willy-nilly with some success, but as a part of a well-planned marketing push, can supercharge your business.

5. Increase Revenue Streams

There are numerous ways to monetize a podcast outside of the increase to your core business. Advertising, patron support, subscription models, and even extra salea through show SWAG are just a tiny bit of possible revenue opportunities. This is an area that should be planned out well in advance to be most effective.

Bottom Line: Podcasts Grow Your Business

Whether you are looking for more clients or wanting to  simply move more of your product, podcasting can supercharge your efforts. Yes, there is effort involved in doing it well but it will well worth it when you engage with a company that can “do it for you” on an a la carte basis. That means, you do as much or as little as you feel comfortable doing and we can handle the rest and ensure your podcast accomplishes your business and personal goals


Phase I: Podcast Development and Launch

Once you’re onboarded as our client, you can sit back and relax as we begin to build your podcast.  We will be doing the backend work like designing your show concept, creating a production flow, cover art, scripting for intros-outros-ads, guest procurement, recording intros-outros-ads, and much more.


Phase II: Consistent Production

Your show Producer keeps everything running like a well-oiled machine. Whether you record your episodes or we provide that service, we capture the best possible audio from your host and your guests. We edit, mix, and master each episode, including id3 tagging, and launching it into the world!


Phase III: Podcast Distribution and Promote

Fresh Media Works will provide you embed codes and links for each episode that can be shared on your social media channels, website, and newsletters. Add on features include show notes, show transcripts, and more to make sure that you are fully empowered to get the most out of each episode.


Phase IV: Benchmark Check-Ins

Your success is our number one priority. In order to ensure you are getting what you want out of the podcasting experience, your producer will schedule quarterly check-ins with you or your team quarterly to explore how your podcast is performing and make adjustments accordingly.
Pricing that fits your needs

Podcast production can range in pricing depending on the style of podcast, the frequency, and whether you need to include one of our experienced show hosts.  Many clients will work with us on a monthly retainer agreement while others will pay a flat fee for a specific project.

Our process includes an initial strategy session where we meet with you to discuss your idea, goals, audience, and budget.  During the strategy session, we can determine if we are the right fit for your podcast or if there might be a better solution. Our focus is your success, so we have partners that can help you if we can’t.

Are you ready to explore your podcast opportunity?