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Chris Doelle
(Kris DAY-lee)

podcasting expert, marketer, author, broadcaster, game designer, Texas high school football historian

Fresh Media Works, LLC was created when Chris Doelle “smushed” several existing companies together to form the full service marketing company. FMW finds what is unique and interesting about your company and then, using the latest technology, tells that story in a way that excites the audience!

FMW added a podcast delivery network introducing great content, generating ad revenue and facilitating the creation of top-quality content across a spectrum of over 100 shows in nearly as many genres.

FMW also acquired one of the top video production companies in Texas, BigDog Productions. That, combined with leadership in new media, social network marketing, search engine optimization and online strategic consulting, has made Fresh Media Works a one-stop solution for getting their clients favorable notice online.

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